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Bearings - 2015-03-17

BNEQARTET™ Long Life Bearing for Front-Loading Washers

NSK Ltd. has developed BNEQARTET, a new long life bearing for front-loading washers. This new product achieves more than twice the rolling fatigue life of that of the standard product used for drum support in front-loading washers, delivering longer life in a variety of usage conditions.

Development Background

In the European market, the size of the drums used in mainstream front-loading washers is increasing in order to accommodate larger laundry capacity. As a result, the load placed upon drum support bearings is increasing, which can result in shorter bearing life.

Due to the fact that washers have space constraints and must be energy-saving, there is an inevitable increase of load on the bearing which cannot be countered by simply making the bearing larger. In response to this, NSK leveraged one of its core material technologies to increase the life of the bearing while keeping it the same size as the standard product.

Product Features

NSK developed the material for this new bearing through a combination of alloy component optimization and proprietary cleaning control technology, enabling double the usage life under heavy load conditions. The new bearing is also reliable under harsh conditions, including those that involve exposure to contamination.

    Twice the rated fatigue life
    Suppression of surface-originated flaking due to stress concentration from dents caused by contamination
    Suppression of white structure flaking
    Suppression of flaking in high-temperature environments

Structure of Front-Loading Washer

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