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Bearings - 2010-12-02


Low-Torque, Deep Groove Ball Bearings with a Highly Dust Resistant Seal for Use in Room Air Ventilation Systems

Lineup Includes One Type Designed to Conserve Energy and Another for Low-Noise Operation


NSK has developed new low-torque, deep groove ball bearings with a highly dust resistant seal for use in room air ventilation systems, smoking area ventilation fans, and ceiling installed ventilation fans. The new line of deep groove bearings was developed to meet growing demand for room ventilation systems that are more environmentally conscious in design. The low-torque design helps conserve energy, while the dust resistant design helps reduce noise by improving dust prevention performance in dusty environments. NSK has already shipped samples of the new low-torque, deep groove ball bearings with a highly dust resistant seal and is targeting annual sales of 0.1 billion yen by 2013.

With sick house syndrome measures and passive smoke prevention capabilities now legally required, room ventilation systems are now playing an increasingly important role. As room ventilation systems operate around the clock, demand is now growing for energy saving, low-torque bearings. Ventilation systems remain in service throughout the night in bedrooms, so they must ensure quiet operation. The highly dust resistant capability of the new ball bearings effectively keeps out the dust that tends to cause abnormal noise.

NSK’s new low-torque, deep groove ball bearings with a highly dust resistant seal have all the advanced new features described below, specifically meeting the demand in this new area.

Product features

1. Two types designed to serve a wide range of operating conditions:
(1) Contact type: With this low-torque type, analysis technology is used to optimise the stiffness of the seal lip portion to reduce the required seal contact pressure by approximately 30% compared with the standard type bearing.
(2) Non-contact type: The dust resistant characteristics of this type were enhanced by introducing a rubber seal designed to minimise gaps as much as possible in the axial direction, as well as in the radial direction, while extending the non-contact seal lip section.

2. Usable as replacements for existing bearing types. The new low-torque, highly dust resistant bearings have been designed to match the sizes of existing bearings.

Product benefits

1. Contact type
This type effectively reduces friction loss by 30% compared with conventional products, by avoiding any deterioration in the highly dust-resistant performance facilitated by seal contact. Lower motor power consumption also helps conserve energy.

2. Non-contact type
The non-contact seal ensures improved dust resistant performance compared with conventional products, without impacting low torque characteristics. Low-noise operation has also been improved to almost double that of conventional bearings.

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