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Bearings - 2018-02-01

LAS-Set laser alignment tool for shafts

Following last year’s launch of the NSK academy online training platform www.nskacademy.com, a further new AIP+ tutorial module has been added to the site: the LAS-Set laser alignment tool for shafts.

All of NSK’s specially developed tutorials outline the optimum way to use the innovative range of maintenance and service tools that form an integral part of the company’s AIP+ Added Value Programme. Essentially offering a guide to best-practice bearing care, each tutorial explains how to realise and maintain the profitable operation of machinery.

The LAS-Set AIP+ video tutorial is now live at the NSK academy

All NSK modules, which are available to registered academy users, feature a course, video and questionnaire, with a certificate presented to trainees upon successful completion. The video tutorials show how AIP+ tools can help increase bearing lifetime and machinery performance, as well as reduce unplanned downtime, costs and noise. Avoiding misalignment is paramount as it can result in unnecessary forces being applied to machinery, leading to increased wear and vibration and, ultimately, premature bearing failure.

The latest tutorial to go live, LAS-Set, offers many useful tips on achieving perfect shaft alignment in seconds. Information is included on how to set the dual line lasers at the static and electric motor end of a shaft using the V-block fixture and chain.

The LAS-Set module also provides guidance on the evaluation of results and how to perform shimming, adjustment and re-measurement, as well as download status reports. Even the basics are explained, such as how to power up the system, start the program, enter dimensions and check the soft foot conditions.

For those looking to find out more about the correct mounting and dismounting of bearings on shafts (without incurring damage), the new NSK tutorial module on this subject shows how engineers can develop safe and efficient assembly procedures.





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