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Spherical Roller Bearing

Integrated bearing assemblies for vibratory screen manufacturers.  These bespoke assemblies with high strength housings and vibratory specifc bearings reduce the need for in-house design and sub-assembly.  The ease of assembly & installation benefits help reduce costs for screen manfacturers.

Condition Description

  • Corrosive Environment
  • High Load
  • Low Noise
  • Lubrication
  • Vibration


  • Quarrying, Mining and Construction

Product Features

  • Bespoke housings
  • High strength SG iron housing
  • Vibratory specification bearings - CAM-VS
  • Labyrinth & contact seals
  • Pre-greased & ready to fit with bearing location features


  • Integrated assembly reduces manufacturers need to re-work designs in-house
  • Vibration & noise level reduced by 50-60%
  • Increased fatigue strength against vibration & shock loads, wear & corrosion.
  • Installation ease & benefits reduce manufacturers in-house costs
  • Can be re-greased
SX 162
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SXSpecial Assembly
162Drawing Number