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The end customer produces viscose fibers for a wide variety of applications, such as sanitary materials or tea bags. In an electric motor with a frequency converter, the bearings had to be replaced 6 times a year due to electrical corrosion. NSK recommended the use of current-insulated deep groove ball bearings. After that, there were no more unplanned failures. This drastically reduced the costs associated with production downtime.

Hygienic Papers - Viscose fibres
  • Hygienic Papers - Viscose fibres
Deep Groove Ball Bearings ceramic coated insulated
  • Ceramic-Coated Insulated Ball Bearings HDY2

Key Facts

  • The end customer produces viscose fibers for sanitary paper, tea bags and other applications
  • The machine for the production of viscose fibers is driven by an electric motor with frequency converter
  • Due to electrical corrosion, there were regular bearing failures. 6 times a year the bearings had to be replaced
  • NSK reviewed the application and recommended the use of current-insulated deep groove ball bearings
  • With HDY2C3 bearings the current permeability is reduced
  • After the conversion to the NSK bearings, there were no more failures

Value Proposals

  • NSK Engineers performed Application Review
  • Bearing failing due to electric corrosion
  • NSK recommend to exchange existing bearing to ceramic coated insulated bearings
  • HDY2 series show optimized insulation and thermal conductivity characteristics

Product Features

  • Alumina-based ceramic coating material plasma sprayed to ensure bonding to the bearing steel
  • Coating sealed with special acrylic resin
  • Bearings produced from ultra clean steel for extended fatigue life
  • Effective prevention of electrical corrosion damage
  • Superior insulation properties, with performance improved greater than 10 times
  • Excellent heat dissipation, dimensionally interchangeable with standard bearings
Cost Saving Breakdown
Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs € 384 Bearing Costs € 410
Engineering Costs € 1 872 Engineering Costs € 312
Costs of lost production € 18 000 Costs of lost production € 500
Lubrication Costs € 50 Lubrication Costs € 50
Other Costs € 9 000 Other Costs € 1 500
Total Costs € 29 306 € 2 772