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A British producer of hygienic wet wipes for domestic and cosmetic use was experiencing frequent failures of linear guides used on the ‘Stacker Line’, which is used to compress wet wipes for packaging. NSK’s engineering team visited the site and reviewed the application. This process revealed that the existing linear guides were frequently failing due to corrosion and the ingress of chemical fluid, causing seizure from grease washout and corrosion inside the linear slider. Following the review, the engineers recommended to replace the standard linear guides with NSK linear guides featuring stainless steel sliders and specially coated rails. Since the implementation, breakdown events have been reduced significantly. Whereas the plant was previously experiencing 26 breakdowns a year, the company has witnessed just three in 12 months using the NSK linear guides – an impressive 88% decrease. In turn, the company has achieved significant savings in linear guide, downtime and repair costs.

Key Facts

  • Wet wipe packaging line
  • Corrosion and ingress of chemical fluid causing seizure from grease washout. 
  • Improved equipment reliability, 88% decrease in breakdowns
  • NSK solution, stainless steel sliders and specially coated rails
  • Extended life time, resulting in minimal maintenance
  • Wet wipe cutting and stacking line
  • NSK Linear Guide NHNS series

Value Proposals

  • The customer experienced many failures on the wet wipe stacking line.  NSK engineers performed an on-site Application review
  • Failure investigation revealed ingress of chemical fluid, causing seizure from grease washout
  • A trial was conducted using NSK linear guides with stainless steel sliders and specially coated rail
  • The trial was successful resulting in a substancial improvement in equipment reliability, with breakdowns reduced by 88%
  • This resulted in a significant reduction in manitenance cost and improved productivity

Product Features

  • High-speed design as standard
  • Extremely high load rating
  • High level of precision in different classes
  • Self-aligning feature: accommodates misalignment and minimises internal loads
  •  Optional extras:
  •   - K1 long-term lubrication unit
  •   - Various different wipers
  •   - High-temperature design
  •   - Special materials and coatings
  • Quiet running
  • Various preload categories

Cost Saving Breakdown

Before Cost p.a. NSK Solution Cost p.a.
Bearing Costs:  26 linear guides replaced / yr 5 754 € Bearing Costs: 3 NSK special linear guides replaced / yr 2 791 €
Fitting Costs: 26 breakdown x 30 minutes/breakdown 588 € Fitting Costs: 3 breakdown x 30 minutes/breakdown 91 €
Loss of Production: 407 €/hr x 26 x 0.5 hr 5 291 € Loss of Production: 407 €/hr x 3 x 0.5 hr 611 €
Total Costs € 11 633 € 3 493