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Bearings - 2017-02-09

NSK is now approved to assemble its Agri Disc Hub units on Galucho's GDM series disc harrows

Galucho, the largest agricultural machinery manufacturer in Portugal and Spain, is now fitting Agri Disc Hub units from NSK to the company’s disc harrows. The move comes after two years of working together and testing the product on 700 hectares of land near Seville, a successful process that means NSK is now fully approved to assemble its Agri Disc Hub units on the disc harrows manufactured by Galucho machinery. 

The latest disc harrow technology requires reliable bearing solutions to enhance quality, lower costs and protect the environment. As a consequence of the tough conditions faced by machinery used on farms, where working on all kinds of hard, dry and abrasive terrain leads to constant exposure to dirt, damp, vibration and impact, the potential for disc harrow bearings to deliver a long working life are limited. However, NSK's Agri Disc Hub is designed purposely for agricultural applications.

The Agri Disc Hub is an extremely robust unit for disc harrows that meets agriculture’s requirements for greater productivity, reduced costs and environmental protection. The units comprise double-row angular contact ball bearings that are capable of supporting very high axial and radial loads. Any sudden impact caused by stones in the earth, for example, create high axial loads as a result of the angle at which the tilling equipment is positioned in relation to the direction of movement. Furthermore, abrasive material like dust, and corrosion caused by water and fertiliser, are known to cause problems for many conventional bearing solutions.

In contrast, Agri Disc Hubs extend the equipment's working life without requiring maintenance (thus saving time), even during the severe mechanical stresses caused by agricultural use. This is thanks to a number of notable features, such as a highly efficient, optimised sealing system that stops abrasive dust and humidity from getting inside the bearings, even if the machinery comes into contact with manure or high-pressure water jets (during cleaning). It is also not possible for grease to drip on to the ground, as Agri Disc Hub bearings do not require additional lubrication, thus protecting the environment.

NSK’s range of Agri Disc Hubs can be easily installed directly on to any disc harrow with a flange.

NSK Agri Disc Hubs comprise double-row angular contact ball bearings that are capable of supporting very high axial and radial loads

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